Presentation of the Widu.Africa platform

The WIDU platform is an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), implemented by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).
The WIDU platform was developed in intensive cooperation with the diaspora Africa in Germany, in particular with the VKII (since the end of 2017) in order to offer a friendly and efficient platform for the promotion of entrepreneurs and start-ups in Africa. In terms of dissemination and development, we also continue to work in close collaboration with various representatives and associations of the diaspora. In August 2019, an advisory board composed of stakeholders and independent experts was created to support the project. Participants are representatives of the Ghanaian and Cameroonian diaspora, digital businesses (FinTechs), civil society, science and politics. The VKII e.V., through its chairman, Steve Njanda Kommogne, is a member of the advisory board for this project.

WIDU is designed for those who want to make a sustainable improvement in the economic situation in Africa. More specifically, the initiative is aimed at members of the Ghanaian or Cameroonian diaspora in Germany who regularly transfer money to their home countries. Together with WIDU, they get an overview of the project and its implementation from start to finish. Diaspora supporters can thus ensure that their remittances are put to good use. Entrepreneurs in Ghana and Cameroon, who can invest in the sustainability of their businesses with WIDU, also benefit. A precondition for participation in the support program is that the project partners already know and trust each other. It is also important that both parties - sponsors and companies - are prepared to invest the same amount in the local business. After successful mentoring and proof of private investment in the platform, the grant is paid in the amount of WIDU's joint contribution for the further development of the enterprise.< br> Once a project application is submitted, it is eligible for phase 2. In this phase, both project team members must provide evidence of the transfer of funding to Africa and the total investment in Africa. At this stage, the use of the funds must again be substantiated with invoices, but also with photographs. In addition, you have to identify yourself by producing identity papers.
For a project to be subsidised, it is also necessary that business creators or entrepreneurs successfully participate in the coaching and mentoring activities offered on the platform.
In order to avoid misuse of the funding and the grant, it is checked that the names of the participants are not included in the sanction lists of the EU and other countries. Projects are excluded from WIDU as soon as one of the participating persons is registered on these lists. (important data) Website: by the link CI-JOINT
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