Diaspora Against Covid 19 – Kemit & Sure fighting against Covid19

Kemit & Sure is the assurance of having less stress.  
A Startup that was created by Cameroonians in Germany, members of the VKII, with the aim of allowing people in the diaspora to insure the health of their families in Cameroon.  

In the long term, we will make it possible to compare the best insurance offers in Africa free of charge, starting today with Cameroon.

Our customers will soon be able to subscribe from abroad in a simple, optimal and transparent way through our application.

How does it work?

We act as an insurance broker between the numerous partner companies in the country and the diaspora in Germany. In this sense, we are not an agent of any one company, but we make our expertise and knowledge of the insurance scene in the country available to each of our agents. It's tailor-made!

Why now in these times of covid19 ?

The current health crisis around the world, and in particular in Cameroon, calls for more appropriate assistance to our loved ones. The issue of coverage for viral diseases (caused by viruses such as Corona) is a key point that VKII is advocating for and for which Kemit & Sure has already started talks with insurance companies. In other words, we will offer insurance cover for COVID19 cases.

We know the flaws and flaws in the country's health care system and even the bad reputation that some companies have. That is why we apply high standards when selecting our partner companies in order to guarantee an excellent experience for our loved ones in case of a claim. Among others we can mention here:

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