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KTC Home Service is a product of the group KTC Center specialized in the Design and Development of Web and Mobile Applications and in Vocational Training as a Center approved by the Cameroonian Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.

We wish to make available to 30 Cameroonian Families in need of Complete Computers for the training of children at home in order to reduce the risks of contamination of children outside.

Computers are already fully operational and have many academic programs (training videos, video courses in several subjects, educational and collaborative games) of various ages. All this content is already installed locally in the machine which no longer requires an internet connection.

KTC Home-service





StopCoro mobile coronavirus tracking application (COVID-19)

1. Features of the application for people living in a coronavirus locality :

    • register StopCoro anonymous identifiers
    • sending an alert to all contacts within the last 14 days in case of infection, inviting them to isolate themselves and call the hotline.
    • explain precautionary measures

2. Advantages for StopCoro users

    • the data collected is anonymous
    • the difficulties of remembering all the people we've met in the last 14 are resolved

3. Assets for the health workforce

    • quick and easy contact tracing of people who have been diagnosed positive
    • real-time report by rounding the number of :

- new positive cases

- confirmed case

- death

- healed people

- quarantined

- collected samples

    • hotspots by region on a map




ASIT (AutomaticSense Infrared Tap)

ASIT (Automatic Sense Infrared Tap) est un système qui permet de rendre autonome l’utilisation des différents points de distribution d’eau et permet de lutter contre l’augmentation du taux d’infections nosocomiales. Il a été réalisé par DJEMI NGOUPEYOU Yvan ingénieur biomédical diplômé de l’Université des Montagnes sous la supervision de TonkaIn.

1. The functionalities of ASIT:

    • Allows the autonomous use of the different liquid distribution points;
    • Fights against the increase in the rate of bacterial infections;

2. The Assets of ASIT:

    • The flow of the liquid is done by detection ;
    • Water Saver (Delayed shutdown) ;
    • Optimized infrared detection combined with the MCU algorithm, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly design for intelligent living;
    • Use a USB cable to charge, charges for 3 hours up to 4 months of use (in theory).

3. ITSA specifications:

    • Hydraulic pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa ;
    • Power consumption: ≤0.2Mw ;
    • Working water temperature: ≤75 ° C ;
    • Detection range: side detection 0-10cm / bottom detection 0-15cm ;
    • Rechargeable using a C-type USB port.



I am Epiphane Tchabom, one of the Co-Founders of CAMOO SARL in Cameroon. CAMOO SARL is an ANTIC accredited Registrar in Cameroon. We are the leader in the distribution of .CM domain names and are the host of the year 2019 in Cameroon. We help thousands of Cameroonians to have a website, professional email addresses, dedicated web servers, online SMS, and many others at prices that correspond to the real standard of living in Cameroon. To learn more about our products, I invite you to visit our website:

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In the context of the digital Risposte and also in the concern to improve the quality of the follow-up of the patients in this period of crisis, and taking into account the fact that the other diseases...