Diaspora Against Covid 19 – Donation of free medical consultations for 300 households

The COVID-19 pandemic continues in full swing, especially with the recent arrival of the mutant of this virus, which is reputed to be even more virulent and deadly than its predecessor.

Aware of the crucial stakes of this scourge for Cameroon, Easy Biotech. medical House joined forces with VKII e. V. in late 2020, with the clear objective of formulating an effective response in proportion with the gravity of the situation.

The crux of the aforementioned response was to offer 300 households free medical consultations, with a special emphasis on those families where one of the parents had lost his or her job as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

At present, we have a total of approximately 49 families who have benefited from this anti-COVID-19 action. This number clearly shows that despite the efforts made and the freeness of the offer, households remain quite doubtful about their own safety in the city's medical facilities.

With this surplus of approximately 251 offers of free medical consultations (also available as home medical consultations), the Easy Biotech. medical House would like to inform the public that all the anti-COVID-19 prevention measures, as prescribed by the MINSANTÉ, have been taken to prevent or at least strongly reduce any risk of contamination during the medical consultations and care of our patients.

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