Verein Kamerunischer IngenieurInnen und InformatikerInnen (VKII)

We, Cameroonian engineers and computer scientists, aware of our responsibility for the future of our country, and led by the will to strengthen the unity of our people, by observing the rules and laws of our host country and with the aim to promote the application of skills acquired in the technical and engineering fields among Cameroonians living in Germany, to help them in their educational and professional career and to cultivate ideas and projects for the good of the Cameroonian people, we decided to create a non-profit association.

This association has the following name: in German "Verein Kamerunischer IngenieurInnen und InformatikerInnen (VKII)", in English "Cameroon Assoiation of Engenieers and Computer Scientists (CAECS)", in French "Association des Ingénieurs et Informaticiens Camerounais (AIIC)".


  • Development and realization of concrete projects focused on development
  • Transfer of technology and knowledge.
  • Promote the research, exploitation, conservation and protection of natural resources.
  • Contribute to the establishment of technical institutions in Cameroon and develop technical training systems of international standard.
  • Contribution to standardization in Cameroon.
  • Contribution to standardization in Cameroon.
  • Assistance in finding an internship before, during and after your studies (Internship).
  • Guidance and advice on all aspects of social and professional reintegration in Cameroon

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With one hand, you cannot tie a package
(Cameroonian Proverbs)

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